Forth International Workshop on Environment and Geoscience
Conference Chair
Christophe Claramunt
Naval Academy Research Institute, France
Computer Science - Geographical Information Science (GIS) – Spatio-temporal databases - GIS and simulation systems - WEB an wireless GIS - Maritime GIS, Environmental and urban GIS
Conference Co-Chair
Zhenhao XU
Deputy Director, Urban Underground Space Engineering Department, Shandong University; Chair, Youth Group (Asia), Associated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space
Numerical algorithm and computing method for groundwater simulation, advanced geological prediction, water and mud inrush in tunnels, Urban geology and underground space development, water sealing mechanism of underground oil storage
TPC Chair
R.A. Stephenson
King’s College University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Geophysical characterisation of the lithosphere……; Characterisation and quantitative modelling of the origin and evolution of orogenic belts and sedimentary basins in different kinds of tectonic settings ……Linking the basin-wide architecture of sedimentary basins and the processes forming ……
TPC Member
Ramesh Agarwal
Washington University, USA
Ground effect aerodynamics, flow control, rarefied gas dynamics and hypersonic flow, bio-fluid dynamics, wind energy, energy efficiency of buildings, chemical looping combustion and geological carbon sequestration
Miklas Scholz
Water Resources Engineering, Lund University, Sweden
treatment wetlands, integrated constructed wetlands (ICW), sustainable flood retention basins (SFRB), permeable pavement systems, decision support systems, ponds and capillary suction time
Tao Zhu
China University of Mining & Technology(Beijing)
Air pollution control, Solid waste recycling
Sebastián E. Bellú
National University of Rosario, Argentina.
Nanorremediation of contaminated waters
Vojin Grković
Consultant in fields of energy and energy technology, Serbia
Thermal turbomachines,Thermal turbomachines,Processes and Design of Multistage Turbines,Technologies for the use of biomass for electricity generation and cogeneration
Yi Wang
China University of Geosciences
Remote sensing technology and application; Geoinformation data mining ; Environmental impact assessment
Vijayan Gurumurthy Iyer
Professional Engineer (India)
Engineering Council of India, Chennai, India.
Sustainable environmental science and engineering, sustainable geoscience and technology, sustainable education development, sustainable development
Poi Sim Khiew
Faculty of Science and Engineering,University of Nottingham Malaysia
material physicist specializing in nanoscience technology and advanced materials
Yang Zhi
Senior Engineer
Institute of Huai River Water Resources Protection, Huaihe River Commission, China
Environmental Impact Assess, Hydrology and Water Resources, Hydrogeology. Water resources planning, GIS
António M. C. Oliveira e Sousa
National University of Tucuman, Argentina
Occupational health and safety; occupational health & safety; production management; productivity; risk analysis; risk assessment; risk management
Jin Su Jeong
Research Professorr
School of Engineering and Industrial Design Technical University of Madrid, Spain
Built Environment,in Graphic Engineering, Geomatics and Projects
Jarosław Krzywański
Associate Professor
Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa, Poland
Modelling of processes which occur in industrial boilers, heat exchangers, adsorption chillers, Gaseous emissions and heat transfer during solid fuels combustion in CFB, FB, and PC boilers. Etc
Changzhi Li
Senior Engineer
Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research
Mountain flood disaster prevention and control, flood risk analysis, flood comprehensive management and other flood control and disaster reduction work. Participated in the compilation of national flood risk map and national mountain flood disaster prevention and control project Preparation of key technical documents for reservoir and mountain flood risk assessment and corresponding pilot work
Arakelyan Aleksandr
HydroProject Coordinator
GIS Analyst, Hydrologist, IGS of NAS RA / Geocom, Ltd.
Water Resources Management ,GIS
Marios C. Phocas
Associate Professor
Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Architectural Technology;Technology-Driven Design: Integrated Architectural Design, Interdisciplinary Performance-Based Design; Structural and Construction Design; Kinetic Structures: Reconfigurable Structures, Adaptive Compliant Structures;Earthquake Engineering: Passive Structural Control, Seismic Isolation
H.Y. Gao
Associate Professor
Shanxi University
Utilization of industrial solid waste, sludge/dredged sludge dewatering & comprehensive utilization, and removal technology of malodorous pollutants.
Ronaldo Goncalves dos Santos
Associate Professor
Centro Universitario da FEI
The conversion of bioma and residues into fuelsss and residues into fuels chemicals and clear energy focusing on thermal , degradation methods
José Carlos Magalhães Pires
Associate Professor
Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto
Environmental Sciences,Process Systems Engineering
RUSCĂ Florin Valentin
University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Transport Faculty, Romania
Research on urban transport networks to increase the quality of life of residents of large urban areas in accordance with sustainable development principles