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Numerical simulation of oil spill in Nanri Island channel based on the MIKE spill analysis model
Based on the MIKE spill analysis model, the oil spill model was built in the sea area around Nanri Island, and then the drift path and the influence of oil film were simulated under the dominant wind conditions…
The quantitative inversion of iron ore under strong constrain in Panzhihua-Baima districts in Sichuan province based on the high-precision aeromagnetic survey
The PanXi region in Sichuan province, Sounthwest China is famous for magmatic Fe-Ti-V oxide deposits in the country. The metallogenesis of the Panzhihua type…
Application of Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles for diclofenac removal
Application of zero-valent iron nanoparticles (nZVI) for DCF removal and its mechanism were discussed. With the solids concentration of 0.5 g/L nZVI, more than 30% of DCF could be removed rapidly in 5 min…
Key Technology for Constructing Mobile System of Water Purification system in Eutrophic Lakes and Reservoirs
The present paper proposes the treatment technology of mobile water purification system for in-situ treatment of lake and reservoir eutrophication water…
Application of TiO2/Bentonite on the low temperatrue catalytic pyrolysis of oil sludge
Oil sludge is one of the hazardous wastes produced in the processes of petroleum exploitation, refining, transportation and storage. Implementing the harmless and resource treatment of oily sludge...
Geochemistry of rare earth elements in Sinegorsky spa of CO2-rich mineral water (Sakhalin Island, Far Eastern Russia)
Distribution and abundance of rare earth elements for Sinegorsky Spa of CO2-rich mineral waters and their mineral precipitates on the Sakhalin Island (the Far East of Russia) were studied. The main common features of waters…
Flash Flood Risk Assessment Based on FFIA in China
Reliable flood risk level information is significant to take appropriate strategies and measures for flash flood management from area to area in China that suffers heavily from flash flood disasters. A national-wide project, called Flash Flood Investigation and Assessment (FFIA)...
Monitoring Tides with GNSS Buoys in Open Sea Areas
Nowadays, the coastal tide observation technology has developed very well. However, there still lacks a reliable and quick method of acquiring tidal level in open sea areas. To overcome this problem, a GNSS buoy has been developed…
Mechanical Analysis and Structure Optimization of Lunar Soil Coring Mechanism
The soft bag lunar soil coring mechanism of turning inward type without sliding has the characteristics of simple structure, low power dissipation and well regolith bedding information-keeping. However, at the initial coring stage, the large pulling force and torque...
Soil particles characteristics and anti-erodibility of different vegetation restoration types in typical karst area
In order to evaluate soil quality of different vegetation types and find suitable vegetation types for fragile karst ecosystems in southwest China, we chose five vegetation types, which included one natural restoration vegetation type...
Distribution and Enrichment of Nuclide Cs-137 in Typical Fishery of North Pacific High Seas
Typical biological samples were approached in central fishing grounds in North Pacific high seas for three consecutive years from 2011-2013, to understand the impact of Japan's Fukushima nuclear leakage on the high seas fishery…
Numerical Study of the Kuroshio Current in the Tokara Strait
A high-resolution regional circulation model is configured over the southern coast of Japan including the Amami Oshima to simulate the Kuroshio Current through the Tokara Strait…
Capturing CO2 in a bubble-column scrubber using blended amine solvent
Carbon dioxide emissions are the major climatic change issue in the world. In order to reduce the CO2 emissions, several technologies have been explored, in which absorption is found to be a powerful method…
Effects of Igneous Intrusion on Low-rank Coalbed Methane Reservoir Formation in Fuxin Basin
Researches of igneous intrusion in Fuxin basin on more complex formation mechanism of low-rank coalbed methane(CBM)reservoir are not only the focus and critical problem of basic geology, but also contribute to improvement of the exploration effectiveness of the same type of reservoirs...
Study on the radiation effect of Urban Spatial Evolution in Oasis: A Case Study of Ganzhou District in Zhangye City
The spatial expansion of oasis cities and towns is restricted by water resources; therefore, spatial expansion in oasis has a greater impact on landscape than general towns. The article takes a typical oasis town, Ganzhou District of Zhangye City…
Relationship between Landscape Pattern and Ecological Environment Index in Ebinur Lake Wetland National Natural Reserve
The study for landscape spatial-temporal changes is significant to find out the mechanism and laws of landscape succession, and to search the relationship between human being activities and ecological environment. This paper presented a research of land use/cover change (LUCC) from 1998 to 2006 and from 2006 to 2014...
Research on microseismic detection method of gas enrichment area in overlying strata under pressure relief mining of protective layer for gob-side entry retaining
Gas is a green energy, and it has higher calorific value. In the process of coal mining, the overlying strata of goaf break and collapse, and the gas in goaf diffuse and accumulate. Especially for the pressure relief mining of protective layer …
Textual and Quantitative Research on Ocean Energy Policy System of Local Government in China (2005-2015)
Ocean energy is an important marine resource, the development and utilization of ocean energy can be one of the important ways to improve and optimize energy structure and reduce environmental pollution…
Study on matric suction of silty clay modified by industrial wastes
Northeast China is located in the seasonally frozen area. Under the influence of low temperature, the roads are prone to serious problems. Modification of subgrade soil with industrial waste can effectively prevent road problems…
Distribution Characteristics of the Natural Forest’s Damage Information in Western Sichuan Based on QucikBird Data
Natural forest’s damage information analysis and its spatial distribution characteristics are of great significance for the sustainable management of natural forest resources. Set the Qucikbird image as the basic data…
Model terrain correction using variational adjoint method with Tikhonov-total variation regularization
Numerical weather prediction models require optimal topographic data to improve the accuracy of the forecasts. A framework for bottom terrain correction of a shallow-water equations model is proposed…
Detecting airports in TM Satellite using edge tracing–SURF method
Most studies of Automatic airport recognition from a remote sensing image extracted the image of a straight line, which is determined based on airport runways, and then determined the target...
Anomaly Extraction Technique of Airborne Gamma Spectrometry Based on 2-D Wavelet
This paper uses 2-D wavelet transform to process the uranium specific activity data of 1:5000 airborne gamma-ray spectrometry production data in a surveying area in Inner Mongolia…
The Application of the Tiangong-2 Wide-band Imaging Spectrometer Data in the Ecological Environment Evaluation: A Case study of Kunming
As a new type of remote sensing data source, the Tiangong-2 image data have several advantages and can be applied in various fields, of which one application is the ecological environment evaluation…
Electrical Resistivity Structure of Changbai Volcanic Mountain--Results from Magnetotelluric Exploration Methods
To address the foreign media’s comments that the Tianchi Volcano in Changbai Mountain is likely to erupt in the near future, we collected a magnetotelluric (MT) observation profile approximately 120 km…
The Study on the morphological characteristics of the backbone curve of frozen soil
A series of tests with different temperatures were carried out to obtain backbone curves of frozen silty clay subjected to uniaxial dynamic loading…
Computer Simulations to Predict the Adsorption and Cation Exchange at Mineral Surfaces
Computer simulations play a critical role in geochemical science, and in this work, density functional theory calculations have been employed to address some issues that are critical to…
Application of optical-fibre sensing to concrete support and continuous wall strain monitoring
Optical-fibre sensing technologies are being theoretically and practically researched. These technologies, possessing linear and real-time properties, realise the sectional analysis of strain and temperature and improve point monitoring methods in deep foundation pit supporting systems...
Water body change detection based on Sentinel-1 and HJ-1A/B Satellites data
In the operational water body monitoring work by satellite data, Sentinel-1 and HJ-1A/B satellites data are the proper data source which can be download freely and quickly…
Characteristics Analysis of multi-directional Geo-electric field Observation Data in FengNing Area
Based on the experimental data of multi-directional geo-electric field observation in FengNing station, the time series trend, periodic characteristics and correlation of different direction data are carried out in this paper…
Study of tidal and residual current observations in North yellow sea in the winter
In order to study the current characteristics of the North Yellow Sea (NYS) in winter, 4 moored ADCPs (Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers) were deployed and current characteristics are analyzed based on the observations…
Isolation and Characterization of a Petroleum-degrading Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis Strain from the Digestive Tract of Perinereis aibuhitensis (Polychaete)
The application of bioremediation approaches employing hydrocarbon-utilizing microorganisms to remove petroleum hydrocarbons from oil spills is an area of research that has gained extensive attention…
Impact of vegetation change and climate variability on runoff in the Jingchuan watershed in the Loess Plateau of China
Vegetation change and climate variability are often two main drivers for runoff variation. However, factors such as human activities (e.g., road construction, agriculture, dams, urbanization) may also yield significant impact…
Mechanism of K extraction from K-bearing minerals by Aspergillus.niger
The aim of this work is to explore the mechanisms of mineral K mobilization by Aspergillus niger, where three kinds of insoluble K-bearing minerals (K-feldspar, muscovite and biotite) were involved…
The quantitative characterization and evaluation of water flooding efficiency of D oilfield
Eastern D pure oil zone has entered the phase of extra high water cut. In order to reduce the decline rate, control rising speed of water cut, study on the efficiency of water injection and reasonable injection…
Degradation of Crude Oil in Contaminated Sediment by Y3 strain(Pseudomonas Putida)
In this study, Y3 strain (Pseudomonas putida) was used as the test object, and the sediment contamination test was conducted at different crude oil concentrations…
Effects of Stench false aeromonas on physicochemical properties of soil polluted by crude oil
In this paper, Stench false aeromonas as the experimental object, soil contamination tests with different crude oil concentrations (0, 4000, 8000, 12000, 16000, 20000 mg/kg), the soil pH before and after the addition of Stench false aeromonas…
Studies on Groundwater Impacts by CSG Productions in Australia Surat Basin
The world-scale LNG Factory are building Up in Australia, using all sources of substantial Coal Seam Gas (CSG) resources. The groundwater resources in Surat basin have been developed in years for irrigation, stock…
Species diversity and distribution of scleractinian coral at Daao Bay, Shenzhen
Species diversity and distribution status of the scleractinian were surveyed by Line Intercept Transect method at Daao Bay in the east Shenzhen in 2017. Through the image survey data and sample analysis to filed survey…
Effect of thrust structural pattern on carbonate reservoir and gas reservoir type in the east of Amu Darya Right Bank
The Amu Darya Right Bank is located in the northern part of Turkmenistan. Middle-Lower Jurassic coal-bearing deposits, Middle-Upper Jurassic carbonate rocks and Upper Jurassic salt rocks…
Challenges and strategies of infill-drilling within large scale hydraulic fracturing zone for shale gas due to geostress disturbance
The Fuling shale gas field is planning to reduce the well spacing (600-1300 m at the early development stage) to about 300m by infill drilling works to accelerate recovery. We first summarized…
A Simple Shadow Area Processing Method
Shadow is an important factor that restricts remote sensing information extraction. How to use simple and effective image processing method to display the remote sensing information of shadow area has been…
Factor Analysis of Geogas and Prospecting Significances in a Mining Areas in Zhuguang Mountain
Ultiple uranium deposits have been found in south of Zhuguang Mountains, and the deep prospecting foreground is huge. In this paper, the relationship between the geogas and hydrothermal deposition…
Studies on the migration of heavy metals complex pollutants in soil under the unqualified construction of vertical cutoff wall
Sodium bentonite is used extensively either by itself or as a component of soil mixtures in many geo-environmental engineering applications such as vertical cutoff wall. An important aspect of the design of such cutoff wall is the structural integrity assessment of the soil barrier...
The internal remaining oil distribution pattern controlled by interlayer: Taking S oilfield in Bohai as an example
Based on the research of reservoir architecture and numerical simulation, the remaining oil distribution patterns controlled by interlayer were summarized…
Correlative Study between Ground Motion Parameters and Geological Hazards
Bailong river basin is located at the north-east margin of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is a high seismic intensity region with a frequent occurrence of earthquakes and also a geo-hazards developed regions…
Study on 3D Permeability Modeling of Carbonate Reservoir base on Flow Unit Classification
The RQI and FZI are proved to be an effective method of dividing the flow unit in the carbonate reservoir of the R oil field. The method utilizes the porosity, permeability of the core rock samples to divide the flow unit…
Study on the Purification Process of Arsenic High Iron Wastewater from Zinc Smelter
Arsenic high iron wastewater was produced by sulfated roasting-water leaching process from the zinc smelting industry, high contents of total iron, zinc ion and sulfate ion, were contained, a certain amount of arsenic ion…
Acoustic application on fisheries management in an artificial reefs ecological reserve of Bohai Gulf China
Various techniques has been used in marine fishery resources assessment. Among those, acoustic assessment techniques have owing high efficiency, wide adaptability and are environment friendly…
Performance analysis and conversion parameter evaluation of WGS84/ITRF ephemeris framework implemented by NGA and IGS
The WGS84 coordinate system of GPS is dominated by the United States. At present, the ephemeris framework of WGS84 is mainly established and maintained by NGA with precise ephemeris…
The influence of climate change on the fresh water plume in the Pearl River Estuary
In this studypaper, a 3D mathematical model of Pearl River Estuary (PRE) and offshore is constructed. Numerical simulation is applied to study the mechanism of the plume…
An ORM-based Method and Platform to Uniformly Access Heterogeneous Data in National Earthquake Precursor Network
The distribution and heterogeneity of data sources in a national earthquake precursor network make uniform data access difficult. To resolve this problem, we propose a uniform data access method…
Nitrogen foam profile control improves steam huff and puff development effect
After XQ-45 block entering the multiple rounds of steam huff and puff, it is affected by faults, reservoir properties, edge water and other factors. The remaining oil distribution is complex…
Spatiotemporal changes and source apportionment of nutrients and eutrophication in a semi-enclosed bay, southeast China
According to the data of water quality monitoring in Xiamen Bay in May and October 2010, we analysed the spatiotemporal variation trend of nutrients and eutrophication, discussed the nutrient structure and relationship…
Non-linear sea level variations in the South China Sea from satellite altimetry and tide gauges
Non-linear sea level trend in the South China Sea (SCS) was investigated by means of satellite altimetry and tide gauge data over 24 years period from 1993 to 2016…
Hydrochemistry variations and carbon sinks of cave stream during a storm event
It is a key period to study the hydrochemistry of a cave stream during the storm events. In order to study the hydrochemistry variations and carbon sinks, the continuous monitoring of a stream in Xueyu cave was conducted…
Sedimentary Facies of the Coal-bearing Walloon Coal Measures in Tipton field, Surat Basin
The Walloon Coal Measures(WCM) is the main producing formation in Tipton coalbed methane(CBM) field in the Jurassic Surat basin of the southeast Queensland, Australia. The numerous, thin, pinching out, merging…
Lithology identification by support vector machine using well logging data
The Jurassic formation in the Fengcheng area of Junggar Basin has complicated lithofacies because of its depositional environment supported the rapid deposition of sediment from a nearby provenance…
Research and Application of Array Dielectric Logging Tool
Dielectric logging is an important method in geophysical exploration. For formation with fresh water and where water salinity is unknown, it has good performance in distinguishing oil and water layers…
Influences of TOC on pore structure of shale from Montney formation, west-central Alberta, Canada
Shale gas has become one of the key points for the development of unconventional oil and gas. To better understand the influence factors of TOC in shale from Montney formation, total organic carbon (TOC)…
Lithospheric Electrical Characteristics of Eastern Jiangnan Orogen, South China
A large number of mineral resources are distributed in Southern China, which shows South China has experienced a complicated geological evolution process. 3D lithospheric electrical structure model of eastern Jiangnan orogenic…
A method of localization with multi-channels UWB bio-radar in application of through-wall detection
Recently, technology of ultra-wide band (UWB) bio-radar develops rapidly which becomes a very helpful method of rescuing for post-disaster like earthquake and surveillance for anti-terrorists and other security fields…
An Ocean bottom magnetometer for marine geomagnetic field survey:developed dIdD and fluxgate sensor
A new type of ocean bottom magnetometer (OBM) for investigations of the basic magnetic field is developed.The data of marine geomagnetic field could not only improve the complete basic model of…
Application of hydrocarbon detection technology in the thin sand reservoirs
In response to the complex geologic conditions, such as many broken fault blocks, small scale of reservoirs, and big lateral and vertical variations of reservoirs in the research area…
Preparation of alkali-activated blast furnace slag-fly ash binder for immobilizing chromium slag
In this paper, the immobilization of chromium slag using alkali-activated blast furnace slag (BFS) and fly ash (FA) based cementitious material was investigated in this study. The optimum percentage of BFS and FA...
Distribution and phylogenetic diversity of cbbL gene encoding RuBisCo in the deep-sea sediments from the South China Sea
RuBisCO is the key enzyme catalyzing the first and major step of carbon fixation in Calvin cycle. With the aim to examine the phylogenetic diversity of RuBisCO genes, cbbL gene was amplified by PCR from three South China Sea deep-sea sample...
The distribution of precipitation in the Qilian Mountains
Precipitation in the mountains plays a significant role in providing water for the sustainable development of oasis cities downstream. The precipitation data of 49 national meteorological stations...
A Method for Prediction of the Planar Distribution of Liquid Hydrocarbons in Shale Gas- A Case Study in Duvernay Shale in the West Canadian Sedimentary Basin
The pyrolysis experiment data and production data are applied to predict the planar distribution of liquid hydrocarbons in shale gas. On the basis of the variation of pyrolysis experiment parameters of samples before and after extraction...
The mining area land surface temperature retrieval from Landsat-8 Data
Taking the Shendong mining area as a research area, Landsat-8 data were used to retrieve the surface temperature of the study area using the radiation conduction equation method, the image-based retrieval algorithm(IB algorithm)...
Classification of high Resolution Remote Sensing images Based on PCA, HSV and Texture Feature
Land cover classification of high spatial resolution data integrating textural information and spectral features remains limited, and the traditional extraction methods of the high spatial resolution image has the shortcomings of the low accuracy...
Third-order elastic moduli of the dry and water saturated rocks
On the basis of acoustoelastic theory of elastic solid, two different rocks were measured acoustic velocities in dry state and water saturated state under uniaxial stress, respectively...
Influence of Ligneous Bulking Agents on the Complexation of Heavy Metal to Humic substances Formed in Pig Manure Composting
In order to investigate the influence of different lignin sources on humic substances formation during composting, two lignin-containing materials (wood sawdust and maize straw) were selected to co-compost with pig manure...
Application of XFEM in the Simulation of Hydraulic Fracture Propagation
Hydraulic fracturing has become a practical technique to enhance the oil and gas recovery in the petroleum industry. Many researchers have dedicated their efforts to numerical simulation studies on this problem...
Types and properties of dolomite reservoirs in Carboniferous of East Margin of Caspian Basin
Taking the Carboniferous KT-I reservoirs in the NT Oilfield in the eastern margin of the Caspian Basin as a case, this paper studies the petrology and physical properties of carbonate reservoirs using core data...
A section sandbox modeling on the evolution of conjugate normal faults
Fault systems can impose considerable effects on structural closure concerned to oil accumulation. It is widely known that conjugate normal faults were developed over extensional basins, but the evolution of the special fault arrays was seldom reported...
Control Effecion of Faults on Oil-Gas Contribution in A Block of Indonesia
Block A in Indonesia is a faulted anticline structure limited by reverse thrust faults on the east and west boundaries. The tectonic evolution mainly experienced rift period...
The Design and Development of the Hainan Province "Digital Ocean" Platform and Applications on Natural Disasters Prevention and Reduction
Since the Hainan Province is located at the south end of mainland China, it is the key province to implement the Belt and Road initiative. In order to support the construction of international tourism island and Digital Hainan Province...
A Remote Sensing Biogeochemical Survey in and around the Linghou Cu-polymetal Deposit, Southeastern China
Using the Landsat 8 imagery and the field-measured vegetation spectra, a bio- geochemical survey in the Linghou ore field of eastern China was conducted. Findings indicated that no vegetation anomalies were observed in the 5-to-4 ratioing image...
Influencing Factors and Kinetics of Degradation of UDMH Waste Water by H2O2/UV/O3 Process
The treatment of unsym-Dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) waste water with H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)/UV(ultraviolet) /O3(ozone) combined process was carried out under the conditions of 30.0±0.6℃and pH=9.0±0.2...
Study on Application of Multifunctional Compound Microorganism Product in the Sewage plant treatment for Sludge Reduction
Reducing the quantity of excess sludge has become a popular and important research subject in wastewater treatment. According to the current sludge reduction theory, some special microbial strains were selected...
Adsorptive removal of ciprofloxacin by ferric chloride modified biochar
A magnetic biochar (MBC) was fabricated through pyrolysis of FeCl3 impregnated reed stalk powder, and used for ciprofloxacin (CIP) adsorption from aqueous solution. The structure and properties of the MBC were characterized by elemental analyzer, BET, SEM and FTIR...
Temporal variation of bacterial community structure in the sea surface microlayer at nearshore and offshore sites in the Northern Yellow Sea
Sea surface microlayers (SSM) are specific microbial habitats that is critical to global biochemical process. In this study, bacterial populations inhabiting the SSM from two types of coastal sites (nearshore vs. offshore) were investigated by culturing and DNA fingerprinting methods...
Soil N, P and K distribution of farmland and natural grassland in southwest Tibet
The amount and cycling of soil Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) are significantly affected by land use types. However, few studies have determined the differences in the N, P, and K distributions in different soil layers of farmland and grassland in high-altitude areas...
Selective catalytic reduction of NO by propylene over Au-Pd bimetallic catalysts
Au-Pd bimetallic catalysts with different noble metal mass ratios were prepared using the deposition-precipitation method. Systemic XRD, STEM and XPS spectroscopy investigations of the structural and electronic properties of these catalysts showed that...
Degradation of di-n-butyl phthalate by Microbacterium aoyamense ATPM-11 isolated from waste water treatment plant
An efficient di-n-butyl phthalate bacterial strain ATPM-11 was isolated from activated sludge of waste water treatment plant (WWTP). Based on its morphological, physiobiochemical characteristics and 16S rRNA gene sequence, strain ATPM-11 was identified...
Biodiversity-oriented Security Patterns of Wetlands in Build-up Areas
The wetland has the richest biodiversity among all the natural ecosystems. With the rapid increase of population and the extension of urban area, the shrinking and fragmentation of wetlands have consequently led to the loss of wildlife...
Identification Research of Mihe River Paleochannel based on the Integrated Geophysical Method
Paleochannel plays a more and more important role in the economic construction as an important part of land resources. This study was on the basis of analyzed formation genetic type of the research area...
SERS characterization of naturally grown Ag nanoparticles as chemical sensor surface for trace PAH detection in water
We present experimental results to characterize the naturally grown silver nanoparticle ensemble as SERS sensor surface. Ag nanoparticle ensembles with different plasmon resonance wavelengths were characterized...
Analysis of Rainfall Runoff Pollution and Split-flow on Urban Pavement
This paper analyzed the pollution situation and the water quality of rainfall runoff in urban area selected over different time periods. Water quality monitoring results indicated that, during the early period of rainfall, the maximum concentrations of suspended solid...
Design and Implementation of Mine Ventilating Safety Information System
Mine ventilation system is one of important factors that affect mining safety. This paper combines GIS with virtual reality and has constructed a mine ventilation safety information system based on 3D modelling technology...
Characterization and Hydrocarbon Detection of Anomalous Bodies in Block B of South Turgay Basin
The Jurassic formation in Block B of South Turgay Basin is located in the gentle slope zone of the rifted lake basin where structural traps are not developed, so it is important for explorers to find litho-stratigraphic traps. The drilling results show that lithological reservoirs are mainly in the Jurassic system where the oil and gas show is good and the main control factor of reservoir formation is the reliability of lithological traps...
Assessment of groundwater quality for drinking in long-term irrigated areas
This study presents the quality status of the groundwater of Wonji Plain (Ethiopia) for drinking purpose. Groundwater samples were collected from groundwater monitoring piezometers distributed within sugarcane plantation and then analysed for selected physic-chemical quality parameters (pH, TDS, major cations and anions) following standard procedures...
Experimental study on desorption characteristics of methane in the soft and hard layer coal of stratified structure in the northwest of Guizhou, China
Based on the importance of coal gas desorption characteristics to coal bed methane mining, extraction, and prevention and control of coal and gas outburst, the coal samples from the soft and hard layer of stratified structure in the northwest of Guizhou were selected as research subjects, and a High Capacity Adsorption(HCA) device using high pressure capacity method was utilized to perform research on adsorption characteristics of the soft and hard layer coal under different temperatures and pressures...
Preliminary results of the southern Mariana Trench wide-angle seismic experiment
The Mariana subduction zone is a key area of magmatism and tectonic evolution in the western Pacific, which has the deepest abyss “Challenger Deep” on the earth. An active source seismic experiment with an array of ocean bottom seismometers (OBS) were conducted across the Challenger Deep...
Study on Application of Multifunctional Compound Microorganism Product in the Sewage plant treatment for Sludge Reduction
Reducing the quantity of excess sludge has become a popular and important research subject in wastewater treatment. According to the current sludge reduction theory, some special microbial strains were selected, and through certain cultivation process...
Land cover change in response to climate change in the source region of the Yangtze River central Tibetan Plateau
The Yangtze River is China's longest river, and the third-longest river in the world. The river's source region in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is especially sensitive to global environmental change because of its high elevation and cold environment...
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