International Workshop on Environment and Geoscience
Conference Overview

Due to COVID-19 epidemic, The Third International Workshop on Environment and Geoscience (IWEG 2020) was held online on July 18-20, 2020. The conference aims to provide the best platform for researchers and scholars worldwide to discuss recent researches and developments in the area of Environment and Geoscience.

Nearly 60 participants from 3 different countries and regions attended the online meeting. The conference consists of three parts: keynote presentations, oral presentations and poster presentations. Professor Jie Ji from University of Science and Technology of China, presided over the conference.
There are 4 keynote speeches delivered in this conference.

Prof. Christophe Claramunt, from Naval Academy Research Institute, France, firstly made the presentation on “Maritime Environment and Information Systems: Current progress and research challenges”. For the time difference, he recorded his speech as a video. We played it on the meeting.

The second speech was delivered by Prof. Jie Ji, from University of Science and Technology of China. The theme of the speech is “Real-time forecasting of large-scale wildland fire spread based on data assimilation”.

Prof. Zhenhao Xu, from Urban Underground Space Engineering Department, Shandong University, gave a wonderful speech on “A new simulation method for grouting process of quick-setting slurry in tunnelling and underground space development: the Sequential Diffusion and Solidification method (SDS method)”.

As the last keynote speaker, Prof. Tao Zhu, form China University of Mining & Technology (Beijing), gave a presentation on “Methane Emissions from Coal Mining in China”
After keynote presentations, there are 12 orals presentations and 18 poster presentations. Oral speakers and poster presenters shared their latest research results with the audience, the audience actively and enthusiastically participated in by asking questions and voting.

The first oral speaker, Hongqiang Li, from Henan Hunan University delivered a speech on “The development history and prospects of biomass-based insulation materials for buildings”.

The second oral speaker, Long Ding from University of Science and Technology of China delivered a speech on “Deterministic Evolution and Uncertainty Reasoning Models in Risk Prevention and Control of Major Accidents”.

The third oral speaker, Xu Huang from Wuhan Engineering Science and Technology Institute delivered a speech on “An improved semi-global matching method with optimized matching aggregation constraint”.

The forth oral speaker, Yiying Guan from Heilongjiang Meteorological Bureau delivered a speech on “Research on Lightning Numerical Prediction”.

The fifth oral speaker, Yang Zhang from Heilongjiang Meteorological Bureau delivered a speech on “Field Test of a New Type of Lightning - Dispelling Rocket Against Cumulus Electric Field Research on Lightning Numerical Prediction”.

The sixth oral speaker, Huajian Wang from Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development delivered a speech on “Hydrocarbon generation caused by uranium irradiation: Evidence from simulation experiment at room temperature”.

The seventh oral speaker, Tao Xiong from East China Normal University delivered a speech on “Analysis of Spatiotemporal Patterns and Influencing Factors of Land Use Carbon Emission in Beijing City”.

The eighth oral speaker, Shanshan Guo from China University of Mining and Technology delivered a speech on “Quantitative analysis of the impact of human activities on natural capital along the Silk Road Economic Belt (China section)”.

The ninth oral speaker, Lina Yang from CNOOC EnerTech – Drilling & Production Co. Ltd. delivered a speech on “Application of conventional logging interpretation fracture method based on neural network in offshore Oilfield L”.

The tenth oral speaker, Simin Hou from East China Normal University delivered a speech on “Research on Locust Disaster in East Africa Based on Sentinel-2 Data in Google Earth Engine”.

The eleventh oral speaker, Tianyu Wang from China University of Petroleum(East China) delivered a speech on “Experimental Research on Smoldering Combustion for Oily Sludge”.

The twelfth oral speaker, Guizhi Liu from China University of Petroleum (East China) delivered a speech on “Inverse identification of aseous pollutant sources in a mixed ventilation room with downwind scheme-based backward modeling”.

Best oral reporters: Long Ding (University of Science and Technology of China), Xu Huang(Wuhan Engineering Science and Technology Institute) and Lina Yang (CNOOC EnerTech – Drilling & Production Co. Ltd.).

Best posters: Guo qiao (Northwest A&F University), Lian Li (China University of Petroleum (Beijing)), Xinjun Wang(Changzhou Institute of Technology), Zhigang Hong (Solar Institute of Shanghai University of Electric Power) and Fan Li (China University of Geosciences).

The conference was a complete success, thanks to the support of the participants, especially the host, keynote speakers and oral speakers. We are expecting more and more experts and scholars from around the world to join this international workshop next year.