Fifth International Workshop on Environment and Geoscience
Poster & Oral Presentations

Please check the following presentations and vote for the best one in your mind.

Poster Presentations

ID Speech Title Votes Vote
IWEG51909 Big Data Analytics for Adaption to Climate Change 17
IWEG52468 Field Characteristics of Sedimentary Rocks in the Dohol Formation, Johor, Peninsular Malaysia 3
IWEG56796 Rare Earth Elements behaviour in different types of mineral waters within Baikal Lake 3
IWEG55353 3D model construction and accuracy analysis based on UAV tilt photogrammetry 3
IWEG59173 Research on Intelligent Building Greenhouse Plant Factory and “3-Positions and 1-Entity” Development Mode 574
IWEG52714 Hydrogeological studies in the São Torcato Zone -Tabuaço with aim of optimizing the location of a special groundwater abstraction to plan a new Medical Spa in Portugal 2
IWEG54531 Electrochemical determination of formamide for EVA splicing mats using activated CPE 2
IWEG56863 Application of a modified graphite paste electrode to the detection of fluorene in black latices 2
IWEG58926 Developing comprehensive resilient water systems and their driving factors for the 21st Century Society in China 383
IWEG52255 Nitrogen and Phosphorus Concentration Zoning Control Method of Surface Water in the Haihe River Basin in China 2
IWEG59311 Enhancing soil fertility and lowbush blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) growth using bio-organic fertilizer 3
IWEG5619 SEM and XRF Characterizations of Sri Lankan Dolomites for Some Advanced Chemical and Process Applications 55
IWEG56213 Ecological study on native plant diversity in Kuwait desert ecosystem 3
IWEG51969 A Study of the Urban Heat Island Effect in Guangzhou 2
IWEG54906 Geochemical analysis of formation water as a tool for better understanding of water flooding 4

Oral Presentations

ID Speech Title Votes Vote
IWEG52796 On the Legal Mechanism of Nuclear Safety in China under the Background of Environmental Protection
IWEG58852 Effects of Lime Nitrogen on the Fungi Community of Tobacco Soil and its Correlation Analysis
IWEG54053 Kalman Filtering for SAR Satellite Yaw Steering 2
IWEG53646 Ultrasensitive detection of Cr (Ⅵ) using screen-printed carbon electrodes modified by carbon nanotubes and gold nanoparticles 144
IWEG51914 Spatiotemporal Characteristics Analysis of Ground subsidence in Wuhan Based on SBAS-InSAR 2
IWEG5611 Legal System of soil and water conservation in the middle and upper Reaches of the Yellow River 2
IWEG5612 Review & Latest Progress in the Usage and protection of geological relics in China 2
IWEG5613 Novel Matarials Coupled with Solid Phase Extraction Technique for Separation and Detection of Polar Organic Pollutants in Environmental Water Samples
IWEG5614 An Efficient and stable nanoscale zero-valent iron coated by N-doped carbon for the reduction of bromate
IWEG5615 High-Throughput Method for Natural Organic Matter Hydrophobicity Assessment Using an Ionic Liquid-Based Aqueous Two-Phase System
IWEG5616 Mechanism study of single atom decorated metal oxides for high-performance gas sensors
IWEG5617 Genesis of the Heishan'gou BIFs in the Yudongzi complex of the Bikou terrane, central China
IWEG5618 Determination of U, Th and K for Quaternary Sediments by Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry-Mass Spectrometry
IWEG55017 Investigating the correlation of nitrates and phosphates to the effective removal of Fats, Oils, and Grease in Two Mangaung Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants 45
IWEG52700 To ensure water security of Arial Khan River by using Integrated Water Resources Management Model
IWEG5619 SEM and XRF Characterizations of Sri Lankan Dolomites for Some Advanced Chemical and Process Applications 54
IWEG59016 Geoinformation representation of maritime knowledge flows: new frontiers of coastalization 2
IWEG5621 Effects of some agroecological practices on bacterial abundance, soil nutrients, and faba bean yield under no chemical input conditions in Meknes region, Morocco. 1
IWEG5622 Paleoclimatology and paleoecology of eastern tropical South America during the last 50,000 years
IWEG5623 Shift of Paradigm in Urban Stormwater Management 2
IWEG5624 Improving sustainability on rural villages water supply systems: evolutionary game theory perspective
IWEG53656 A comparative study of evaluating the ability on Eichhornia crassipes and Enydra fluctuans to remove heavy metals in water in Vietnam 3
IWEG52535 Study of Unio shells in the Quaternary deposits, southern Iraq 4